Hide Custom Taxonomy Editor for Specific Role(s) in WP Admin

I know you can select whether to hide or show various aspects of the custom taxonomy editor by passing arguments to the show_ui, meta_box_cb, or show_admin_column fields when registering. Something like:

register_taxonomy(     '',  //NAME OF CATEGORY     '', // NAME OF CUSTOM POST TYPE     array(         'show_ui' => true,         'meta_box_cb' => false,         'show_admin_column' => true     ) ); 

What I am wondering is how can I add a hook/filter beyond this so I check for the role of the current user and then set whether those arguments are true/false depending on the role?

I am here, but stuck:

add_action('in_admin_header', 'restrictTaxonomyEditBy'); function restrictTaxonomyEditBy() {     $  screen = get_current_screen();     $  user = get_current_user_id();     global $  post;         if(!current_user_can('administrator')) {         //ADJUST TAXONOMY PROPERTIES HERE TO HIDE/SHOW ADMIN UI     } }