Hide elements that aren’t needed or used by 99% of users until they are applicable?

I’d like to hide some elements of a frequently used page to declutter the UI for over 99% of users:

In an online product I’m working on, there is a feature that is used 0.003% (49 times out of 123,900 sessions) of the time: a search bar for added notes. Most people just quickly scan with their eyes since there are usually very few notes.

By default we display 10 notes. You can change this to 25, 50, or 100. We also display a previous/next button for page jumping.

Would it be wise to hide these 3 features (search bar, previous/ next button, notes per page selector) until there are more than 10 notes? Currently, almost no one ever uses the search field for notes (0.003%), and the previous/next buttons are only applicable if there are more than 10 notes. There are rarely more than 10 notes, so these buttons just sit there disabled or unused.