Hiding UIs behind a custom image shader

Is there a way to hide UIs such as text, images etc. behind another transparent image? The problem is that I am using the latest Unity version and these custom shaders have no effect on hiding the UI shaders. The two custom shaders I have applied for testing are:

Shader "Custom/DepthReserve" {     Properties     {     }     SubShader     {         Tags { "RenderType" = "Opaque" "Queue"="Geometry-1" }         LOD 100           Blend Zero One           Pass         {           }     } } 
Shader "Custom/InvisibleMask" {   SubShader {     // draw after all opaque objects (queue = 2001):     Tags { "Queue"="Geometry+1" }     Pass {       Blend Zero One // keep the image behind it     }   } } 

So is there a way to use a transparent image to hide text, images and even gameobjects?