Highest Possible DC for Circle of Death

What is the highest possible DC for Circle of Death?


  • Level 12 Wizard (you may choose an archetype, as long as it has a familiar)
  • Cyphergull Familiar
  • At least 3 unused general feat slots and a bonus feat slot (if the archetype removes bonus feat slots, 4 general slots must be left open.)
  • Pathfinder 1e content only, pathfinder content written in 3.5 (Elves of Golarion, Curse of the Crimson Throne, etc.) are not allowed.
  • Crafting magic items is allowed, but you are restricted to a total of 1.5 WBL for a level 12 character.
  • Custom magic items are not allowed, you are restricted to printed magic items only.
  • Aside from permanent/instantaneous duration spells, you are allowed to factor in 1 round of buffs. You are not allowed to debuff the targets of the spell.
  • Available spells (from items, spellcasting services, etc.) are restricted to spells that only casters level 12 or lower could cast.
    • Ex. Psychics get ethereal jaunt as a 6th level spell, and are able to cast it at level 12, so it is available. Wish is not able to be cast by any level 12, and therefore not available.
    • Ally/Army Across Time, Simulacrum, Planar Binding, and Planar Ally are not available.
  • Items that impose a penalty, such as Void Shard count as improving the DC of the spell by that much. Ex, Void Shard counts as raising the DC of Circle Death by 2.