Hitpoints after Bodysnatcher’s “Death is Only the Beginning”

The Mind Switch and True Mind Switch powers in Dreamscarred Press’s psionics supplement state that you retain your hitpoints when you use them.

The Bodysnatcher prestige class that revolves around the use of these powers has a capstone ability at 6th level that allows them to use True Mind Switch against their killer as an immediate action when you would drop to -1 or die to a death effect.

The end result seems pretty straightforward if this is used against a death effect, but I’m curious what would actually happen in the case of hit point damage. The way the ability is written it seems to assume that your former body still dies, but if the switched individuals are retaining their hit point totals, then it seems like you’d generally end up 1 hit from death in your new body and they’d just end up taking the one hit that finished you off, which often won’t be lethal to them unless they’re already low.

Is there something I’m missing about how this ability works, or is it kind of lackluster in the usual case of dying from hit point damage?