Homunculus Servant using magical items

I’m playing an artificer that recently took the infusion for a Homunculus Servant. The party has an extra animated shield. I -think- the following is acceptable, but I wanted to see if I got it wrong anywhere.

  • Homunculus is considered a creature and thus has three attunement slots it can use. Furthermore being intelligent it could actually do so if directed.

  • Using magical tinkering, I could give it a small item that when tapped would speak the animated shield’s ‘activation’ word.

  • The Homunculus could, therefore, with proper instruction, actively use an Animated shield during combat?

Right? Am I missing anything? That’s all completely legal without bending any rules? Also, we’re using the flanking rules, it should qualify as a threat to be able to flank things right? It has its own attack.