[ Horoscopes ] Open Question : Leo and Cancer women are beautiful ?

As an Aries male, the most beautiful females that I’ve ever seen is either a Cancer or Leo. Also, this happens with celebrities too. I also think Virgos and Libras can be beautiful. BONUS: List the prettiest earth sign in your opinion. Leo:  Jennifer Lopez Mila Kunis Elizabeth Gillies  Jennifer Lawrence Adelaide Kane Kate Beckinsale Sandra Bullock Lori Loughlin Madonna Cara Delevingne   Karlie Kloss Cancer: Ariana Grande Sofia Vergara Selena Gomez Margot Robbie  Nicole Scherzinger  Priyanka Chopra Princess Diana Meredith Mickelson Gisele Bündchen  Sara Sampaio To the person that called me a moron, back at ya! 😉 By the way, don’t like zodiac signs? Just go away and pretend it doesn’t exist.  I never said Leo is an earth sign. I know it’s a fire sign.  If you want to trash my opinion, don’t answer.   Your opinions won’t change my mind.