Hosting a free speech website in 2020? [closed]

Noob here. What are the essentials to hosting a free speech website in 2020? I want to make a PeerTube clone that’ll allow all kinds of political content.

All I know is web host/registrar and DDOS protection, which you’re also going to need. Does site builder also count because I know that WordPress and Squarespace regularly remove content they disagree with. As for the first two, if you want to host something on the clearnet you’re either going to need a small non-English-speaking domain registrar or certain country-specific top-level domains who would be largely immune to bad PR. Like Eranet or .su. As for DDOS protection, Matthew Prince only allows 4chan to stay up because he’s good friends with Moot. Alternatively you could use Vanwanet or possibly Akamai / BitMitigate. Alternatively you could self-host (i.e. static/dynamically generated webpages) but you would have to know what you’re doing so that Antifa doesn’t pwn your LAN. Also, hosting controversial content from your home server is generally not a good idea anyways. And if you’re using static, depending on your ISP, you might need a business plan otherwise it won’t work and in some cases they might terminate you for AUP violations. Then you’ll essentially be without internet. And I think it might also be illegal if I’m not mistaken.

Anything else I’m missing out on? What’s trivial and non-trivial.