How are abilities that modify character wealth supposed to modify character wealth by level?

There are a LOT of abilities that relate to purchase or sale of goods or services in Pathfinder. Generally, these abilities cost character resources: feats, rogue talents, traits, class features, etc.

Pathfinder also has an official WBL chart. While our games typically use that chart only for character creation, it appears (based on content on this site) that other groups generally keep their players at approximately that level of wealth, somehow preventing significant departures from the expected total.

How, in a game that does not allow “wealth pumping”, do abilities that modify character wealth, especially those that modify the minimum sale value of goods, work? Put another way, how do you maintain wealth as a function of character level rather than of time when characters have access to such abilities?

Since I’ve been told to list all things that affect character wealth besides magic item crafting feats, the following may be useful (but really, this isn’t about these examples. This is about the question above. Please address that more than this random list of examples):

  • favored son
  • foreign opportunist
  • Duskwalker Agent
  • Investments
  • Caravans(traders, particularly)
  • Kingdom Building Rules
  • Curse of Keeping
  • Profession Skills
  • Perform Skills
  • Diplomacy checks to Bargain
  • Nonmagical Item Creation Feats, like Dragoncrafting
  • Scrounger
  • Blood Money
  • Lyre of Building
  • The Fabricate spell
  • True Creation
  • The Fence 3pp archetype
  • Black Market Connections
  • a Robe of Useful Items
  • Monument Builder
  • Wretched Curator
  • Eye for Ingredients

I haven’t listed them all yet, please feel free to add more if you want.