How can a low level adventurer magically disguise an item?

I have a character who is bound to a certain set of wind chimes, which they can’t be separated from for long due to plot-related reasons. However, these wind chimes are very valuable to some very sketchy people, and my possession of it puts my character in constant danger.

While hiding this item on my person will work most of the time (taped or strung together, to avoid making a sound), it will be unavoidable that I will have to take it out in the open for others to see. There may also be times that I won’t have the item on my person. Due to the high degree of danger of even taking this item out, in both cases, I would like the item to be visually hidden.

The essence of what I want to do is cast a “disguise self”-like effect on these wind chimes, so that it is disguised in the same way a creature would be — that is, if the chimes were a creature that could cast disguise self, that would be perfect. Of course, the chimes are inanimate, so this solution is not viable. Is there another way I can achieve this?

When the item is held, the one who holds it will probably learn there’s an illusion on the thing, but onlookers wouldn’t know unless they held or inspected the item themselves.

I don’t have access to 3rd level spells or higher. What spells, abilities, items, or other effects can produce what I want?

If a high level spell or rare item can do what I want, it’s still useful to mention it. I just wouldn’t have access to that, but I would know to watch out for it.