How can Godot accomplish this?

I’m porting an old BuidBox 2 game to the Godot game engine. I already added all assets and scenes to the Godot project. The game is a 2.5D (isometric) endless runner. What I want now is to add a mechanism to load the next scene offscreen, remove the player’s character from the current scene, and add it to the next scene seamlessly, without breaking the game physics or causing the player character to go behind or in front of other game objects that it’s not supposed to.

For instance if I have this scenes:

Scene1 |-bg |-player └-fg  Scene2 |-bg |-player └-fg 

I would like to load Scene2, remove player from Scene1 and replace player from Scene2 with the player node I removed from Scene1, without the player node changing its velocity or position abruptly in the physics world or appearing behind the bg node in Scene2 or in front of the fg node in Scene1.