How can heavy-armor melee characters practically close in on ranged enemies?

Okay, I have to be missing something critical here since I’ve just started SF so please tell me what’s up and correct me.

  • Base movement speed is 30 for everyone.

  • Heavy armor reduces your movement speed (in most cases by at least 5).

  • Melee requires you to (in a vast majority of cases) be next to your target.

  • The only feat that increases movement speed is for no/light armor.

Doesn’t this mean that in a lot of cases, especially at lower levels, that the enemy can literally just move around the melee player and shoot them until they go down? Melee can’t touch them since they move slower then the enemy. I cannot believe that they would miss this giant oversight when designing melee. I know Blitz Soldiers get the increased movement speed, but they’re the only ones I know of that could actually manage melee combat in Heavy Armor. They wouldn’t make it so that half the combat system could only be used by one specialization of one class if you wear HA. What am I missing?