How can I create a Viking/Saiyan that creates his own weapons with energy, ki or magic?

I’m going to play on a table with some friends and I wish to create a Viking-type warrior that is able to use energy/ki/magic to create weapons and fight like a barbarian but without being one. The character creation limitations are to be a lvl 5, using the core rulebook 2nd edition, advanced players guide and Lost omens: character guide, Gods and magic & Legends.

The concept would be a Viking/Saiyan, so it’s starting from a low lvl 5 and the campaign is estimated to end up anywhere from lvl 8 to 10. Any magic that he learns is focused on the typical saiyan powers from dragon ball (flying, ki attacks, move absurdly fast and, if possible, visual indication of powering up like going super saiyan).