How can I increase my Monk’s unarmed damage?

I’m pretty new to D&D, and I just started an Evil campaign. I am a wood elf, Chaotic Neutral aligned, 3rd level Monk(Open Hand).

Our party has a couple of barbarians, a few rogues, and a trickster.

I realize that fist fighting isn’t going to get a 1d10 or even a 1d8, but 1d4 is pretty useless unless you’re brawling in a bar. If there’s a way I can use a feat or something to get a small bonus (I already have a Dex bonus of +4) I would appreciate it

I have noticed that my damage output is considerably lower than my friends’ damage. We are trying to escape a mining complex. I didn’t notice the damage difference until everyone got better weapons than rocks and pickaxes.

I can make a bonus attack but with only 1d4+4 damge per hit, I do nothing to the guards, who have an ac of 12 and 14 hp.