How can I insert a series of values from two ranges into incremental rows?

I really couldn’t think of a good way to phrase this in a short enough form for the title. Any suggestions are welcome – I’d be happy to enter a more appropriate title.

I’m preparing a large data set where I have three tables in the following format:

The symbols table has just an id and symbol columns. I have a list of symbols like ‘1’,’2′,’3′,etc. ‘alpha’,’beta’,’gamma’,’delta’, etc. ‘square’,’circle’,etc. ‘cat’,’dog’,’elk’, etc. ‘moon’,’sun’,’star’,etc. and the list goes on.

The teams table is just as simple. id and team_name, with a fairly large list of teams and their names.

The R_team_symbols table is a relational table with id,team_id, and symbol_id.

I was wondering if there’s a one-shot query method I can use to fill the relational table with a range relation for each team.

For instance, say team scorpion utilizes all decimal numbers and all shapes, while team hobnob utilizes the Greek alphabet and only even decimal numbers, and team C uses astronomical symbols, numbers, and animals.

Is there anything I can use like:

INSERT INTO `R_team_symbols`(`team_id`,`symbol_id`) VALUE RANGE FOR `team_id` = '33' VALUES([1...9],[55...62],[122...130]); 

Or something like that? Where I’d end up with several rows with each set of values for each team’s chosen set of symbols?

On top of that, would there be a way to double this up, so I could give a range of team id’s and their specified symbol ranges?

I have A LOT of this to enter; allowing ranges like this (since the symbols are all entered sequentially anyway) would be pretty amazing.

Thanks in advance for any ideas or help anybody might offer.