How can I make my adventures more bard-inclusive?

For whatever reason, it seems that no one in my campaigns ever chooses to play a bard. I am beginning to wonder if it has something to do with the adventures I construct as our game’s DM. These adventures tend to alternate between traditional kick-in-the-door dungeon crawls and mysteries/political intrigues, so that both the kickass warriors and nuanced tacticians get some play. I rarely, if ever, make use of silence spells. It doesn’t seem to matter if I play premade adventures (which might theoretically be unbiased against bards) or my own created ones. I guess this lack of bards bothers me because there are so many great literary examples of bard in the books I’ve read (eg. The Belgariad, The Name of the Wind) that it seems an obvious choice of character. A bard also would seem to solve the “leadership” problem our parties often have. So, it has gotten me wondering, aside from changing the arguably broken mechanics of the Bard in Dungeons and Dragons v3.5, what are the adventure features and bardic bonuses I can incorporate to make my worlds more bard-inclusive or appealing to bard characters?