How can I optimise my multi-class build for damage and survivability? (Rogue-Druid-Warlock)

I need some support with optimising this multi-class build.

I’m playing in a D&D 5e party where we receive high incoming damage.Our GM is allowing us to multi-class and use feats and spells from the core books as well as Unearthed Arcana (UA), e.g. Feat/Spells from 2020 UA relases. The storyline in our campaign is likely to come to an end when we reach L12; so, I have another 4 levels probably.

My PC is a Satyr and my stats are:
Str (8), Dex (16), Con (16), Int (9), Wis (16), Cha (16)

The build I have chosen so far is:

  • L3 Rogue (The Revived) UA
  • L2 Warlock (Hexblade) XGtE
  • L3 Druid (Circle of Spores) UA

I have chosen my classes and sub-classes but:

Where do I go from here – what is the best order to level my next 4 levels?

Criteria are: single-target damage / survivability / action economy

  1. I want my main role to be damage support on single targets

  2. I also want to be able to survive/escape with ease