How can I outfit the Caves of Chaos to fit contextually with the Dragonlance setting?

I have been tasked with running a game of The Keep on the Borderlands adventure module, however, I want to have a campaign in the Dragonlance setting, in the age of mortals.

As the characters will be starting in the City of Solace, without other advisement I plan to put the "Caves of Chaos" (location from the adventure module) in the Kharolis Mountains.

Now the question I am faced with, what races / creatures should I put in the caves, and what is their motivation or reason for being there that would be consistent with the Dragonlance setting?

Reading through The Keep on The Borderlands, the most apparent roadblock (among others) is that Orcs and Kobolds are not in the Dragonlance setting. I am looking for clarity on what would appropriately fill such a cavern that could motivate adventurers to explore/root out the area.