How can I pass parameters to a Services endpoint?

I have installed Drupal 7 and enabled Services in it. I have also created an endpoint /api/v2/ and in resources, I have allowed nodes to be listed as JSON.

I have sent a GET request using browser or POSTMAN to /api/v2/node then I am getting following results.

 [  {  nid: "3143",  vid: "3932",  type: "event_calendar",  language: "en",  title: "EVENTS STILL APPEAR ON FRONT PAGE WHEN EVENT HAS ENDED - with or w     ithout an END DATE ",  uid: "139",  status: "1",  created: "1560282811",  changed: "1560282922",  comment: "1",  promote: "0",  sticky: "0",  tnid: "0",  translate: "0",  uuid: "",  uri: "http://..../api/v2/node/3143"  }, ...  ]` 

If I send a request to http://..../api/v2/node/[nid] then I am getting an individual record of that node. Now I want to get post parameters to the endpoint. For example, I want to get all nodes with type = event_calendar.

I have tried posting parameters like http://..../api/v2/node?type=event_calendar but unfortunately, It is still showing list of all nodes. I have tried thing using POSTMAN and browser.