How can I remove the default product archive and customize myself with WpBakery Builder?

I hope I find a solution here, because I search everywhere for answers, but find nothing! Thanks in advance for any help !! I use the Theme ” Salient ”, Woocommerce and the WpBakery Page Builder! I would like to customize the default shop page myself, but I want the breadcrumbs and product sorting to stay that way. I also tried a few things to change something in the archive-product.php file, through some instructions. If the shop page is inserted in the Woocommerce settings, the standard product archive will automatically be displayed, I would like to remove it and edit it myself with the wpbakery builder. How does this work? What do I have to do, so that I can customize the product archive or the content on the shop itself. But nevertheless the shop page is indicated in Woocommerce and thus also the breadcrumbs & product sorting is visible. I would be incredibly grateful for any help or guidance!

Many Thanks! Raffaela