How can I send long messages over long distances?

For communicating short messages (of 25 words or less) over long distances, we have the Sending spell. However, if I wanted to communicate, say, the contents of a 1-page letter (i.e. long enough that simply casting Sending multiple times isn’t good enough) to someone far away (on the same plane, probably on the same continent, but many weeks away by land travel), is there a spell or other magic that can accomplish this? A solution might involve physically teleporting the letter itself, or simply conveying the message via some other means. Although sending the letter as a physical object would probably be preferable, unless you’re expecting the recipient to be constantly prepared to take dictation at any time.

It can be assumed that the intended recipient is living in a city and not traveling around much, so for example a spell that sent the message to their place of residence rather than directly to them would be fine, as long as the message isn’t so ephemeral that it appears and then disappears before they get home from their grocery shopping. It would also be acceptable if some reasonable amount of setup was required to create a “receiving station”. I, on the other hand, am a busy adventurer constantly on the move, so an elaborate or non-portable setup on the sending end is probably not viable.

One obvious method of accomplishing this task is to use a 7th level spell slot to teleport to the recipient and deliver the message in person. So that puts a sort of upper limit on what should be required: a better method should be more efficient than teleporting there yourself.

Since this is pretty open-ended, you can impose reasonable additional constraints in your answer, such as requiring the recipient to also be a spellcaster. Just be clear about what your solution requires.