How can I test that the antennas in Macs are all connected and working?

I’m a technician repairing Macs every day and I test the Macs after repair (laptops and desktops) .

So what I do is a functional test of the Mac by logging in to macOS and testing everything: camera, keyboard, WIFI, Bluetooth etc. My doubt is: how can I test that the 2, 3 or 4 antennas (depending on the Mac model) are connected?. I know that one of them does the Bluetooth while usually all of them add up to the WIFI bandwidth. I know how to check the Bluetooth connection, but, how can I check the WIFI antennas are all connected and detected by the wireless card?

I thought I may run some WIFI speed test able to test the download/upload speed to the router, but I’ve never used this. Any advice on a good WIFI speed test (free if possible)? Would this be the best way to check that the antennas are all connected and that the wireless card in the Mac is detecting all the antennas properly?

Here’s a post explaining how the antennas work (if that helps): What's the difference between the three wireless antennas in MacBook Pros?


Any help much welcome