How can I use a custom PAGE taxonomy?

My site serves an organization with about 20 committees. I would like to have a custom archive page for each that contains (roughly) a post of custom-type-1 for that committee, then a post of custom-type-2 for that committee, then the most recent post of the built-in post type with tag T1, then all the posts with tag T2.

Because all these archive pages have the same structure, I wanted to create a custom taxonomy OF PAGES named “committee” and a custom template “taxonomy-committee.php” derived mostly from “archive.php”. I hoped the template could look at the queried_object to get enough information to know which posts should be displayed.

However, I think I may be going in the wrong direction. I was assuming that WordPress would see a URL of the form “mysite/committee/committeename” or “mysite/committee/committeeslug” and attempt to serve a page derived from my custom taxonomy template.

I don’t think I need 20 actual pages (each with no static content) that use the custom template. For testing, I did make one actual (empty) page that used the template. If I use a URL that specifies the permalink of that test page, the template works correctly.

Maybe my question should be what kind of URLs should I use to differentiate my 20 archive pages?

Should I expect to need to learn how to make my own rewrite rules to handle this?

I might note that I have successfully used custom taxonomies of POST TYPES, not PAGES, with the expected URLs of the form “mysite/taxname/taxterm” and a single custom template “taxonomy-taxname.php”.