How can live fire exercises be made safer?

My group is in Waterdeep, and our wizard would love to help train the world-famous griffon cavalry, especially in evading fireballs. That is, he wants to hurl fireballs at them that they need to evade.

I think this kind of live fire exercise is eminently worthwhile. (A nice spectacle for the populace, too.)

However, the griffons involved (and their riders) presumably would prefer some assurance they will not be singed too much.

How can we make this kind of live fire exercise safer for the targets?

  • One immediate possibility would be Protection from Energy, which confers resistance from one kind of energy, like fire. Prior to the exercise, someone could cast this spell at the griffon and rider. Unfortunately, even resistance only halves the damage involved, which can still be somewhat painful.
  • Enhance Ability (Cat’s Grace) would help with the Dexterity saving throws.
  • Something like the Rogue’s or the Monk’s Evasion ability would also be useful, but the griffons don’t have that. The Ring of Evasion requires attunement, and with the griffons’ Intelligence of 2, I don’t quite see how they would attune to the ring (on a claw?).