How can one obfuscate the structure of an encrypted folder while maintaining the original directory structure?

I am currently working on a form of backup software that supports encryption but also maintains the directory structure of the encrypted files and folders so that it is also decryptable and easily accessible on mobile. The problem that arises is that doing so would result in being able to approximate the directory structure of the encrypted directories.

I do not want to use “encrypted” containers that split themselves because that would require all content to me migrated to the container and that would be a nuisance for the average end user.

I have thought about two potential solutions for attempting to hide the directory structure of the encrypted folders, one would be to create “dummy” directories and files that would contain random information and would have a unique identifier determined by a PRNG whose seeding is done by the Argon2d hash of the secret such that it can be illustrated as such:

{   "filename_secret": "t983q4hyt8q90h23jt49g8q32yht98q34h2t98432th2893t98oi34hj89th38394th54ht89025",   "filename_checksum": "98fgh34892tjh8934ht983h4tg80h350th34509yjtth54ijy",   "filename_identifier": "1250685768126012",   "filename_contents": "gtf90i8234hrt8h340t89h3480th08h435wt0843jhyhj03495hy4039iyjh9450yj90435jy0945jy09543jy09435jy90435jy9045j90yj94035jyt843h598th98tg9873gt89732gt89og3498tg79234gtbu934hgt9783g49tugbh3489tgfh34897tb9ui34ht9834ht9843ght98734b2t89erkjbgfuisdgfbvkjisdbafguoisahrguifgh8734gt873g4t7342gtb98324gt3874hgt89h5t893h2890th93428ght9u23ohnth8934gh893urgfbuoiewrbg7eguisofbv9uebnfvuiowerbfg98werhfg" } 

The identifier serves the purpose of skipping such files for resource-intensive operations since they are dummy files. The problem with this is that the identifier, if determined (say, because it is the same) will simply be a trivial problem for a potential attacker to remove the dummy files

The second option would be to remove the identifier and simply keep a list of all dummy files within the _tablefile that will be generated in each directory for the purposes of versioning support and then encrypt that as a secret and then while processing, go through the _tablefile and ignore them for all purposes.

Neither of them seem like elegant options and I cannot think of a better way to implement a way to hide directory structure while maintaining it for the user only. What would be an elegant way to succeed in doing that?