How can the party earn money?


We’re running a custom campaign in rolemaster (RM) with rather unexperienced players and an experienced GM. We did about 6 or 7 sessions, the next one will be the third for my new character – and I am basically broke. In RM you roll on your wealth upon character creation, and I scored rather low (started out with 2 silver and a bit). Also, my character can’t haggle (at all).

The party

There is a party treasure we pay equipment for the whole group from, but it’s not overly filled. One of the other characters is rather wealthy, he has about 80 gold, but he is not overly willing to pay for the whole group. Currently we’re in a city and doing some quests/bounty hunting. The prices either get shared or go to the party treasure.

My goal

I don’t want to have to worry about how to pay for arrows, mead, food or the occasional wench – not to speak of luxury stuff like better armor.


What options do I/we have to get more money? Ideally without stealing from other party members, rather by increasing the cash flow for the whole group.