How common is homosexuality in the Forgotten Realms?

For whatever roleplaying reason, I’ve decided that my Male Human Wizard is gay. After an exhausting week of dungeon crawling, he’s heading down to the nearest medium to large-sized city for some R&R with a pocket full of hard-earned gp and would love to try to pick up a date.

How common is homosexuality in the default 5e setting? Yes, I know the practical, in-game answer is to ask my DM, but maybe he doesn’t have much information either. Is this covered anywhere? Can a typical resident, or even adventurer, just expect to ask around for directions to nearby gay bars or hangouts and have a decent chance of getting help, or is this something that would be significantly difficult and/or dangerous to try? For comparison, in our world, this would probably not be an issue at all at a bookstore in Boston. Riyadh, not so much.

  • Is homosexuality common and practiced openly?
  • Is it common, but hidden, such that successfully making the appropriate contacts, knowing the right signs or lingo or whatever might require a lore check or an underworld contact?
  • Is homosexuality rare or vanishingly rare, such that most people would be shocked to even consider such a thing?
  • Are there specific backgrounds or places where this is more common? (e.g. followers of a certain god, members of specific races, etc.?)

If this is covered better in previous game editions, I’m open to them as long as they don’t blatantly contradict 5e.