How do all the World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness RPGs connect?

I just got my kick-starter copy of Changeling the Lost 2nd Ed and are starting to dip my toe back into the World of Darkness after a long absent. And I found out that it is confusing as hell trying to figure out which versions and editions of the different versions goes with which.

You have old world of darkness, new world of darkness or chronicles of darkness. A couple of editions of vampire the masquerade, a couple of editions of vampire gehenna, a vampire the masquerade 20th years anniversary edition and a 5th edition VtM that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the rest of world of darkness besides the White Wolf logo on the back.

Same thing with my favourite game of Changeling. My 2nd edition should technically be the 4th edition if you count number of changeling rpg core books instead of numbering after settings. I think.

Seriously, it feels like you’d need some sort of flowchart just to figure out which games are connected and which are compatible with each other from a rules and from a meta plot perspective.

And that’s not even counting all the different historical spin-offs.

So can someone please explain which versions and editions of the different world of darkness core settings are connected? (Gold star if you use an actual flowchart.)