How do I encourage Drow players to not make Drizzt clones?

Every once in a while, I have a player wants to create a Drow character. The problem is, virtually every one of them winds up looking suspiciously like Drizzt Do’Urden: they are some variation of Good alignment and usually a melee fighter (or even dual-wielder), and I’ve seen one of them jungle cat as a familiar.

My biggest complaint is that the Drow are supposed to be evil as a whole, and Drizzt was atypical in that he wasn’t. And yet every Drow character I’ve seen has been a Good alignment also, which bothers me because it makes it appear that all Drow are special snowflakes. Order of the Stick #44 captures the ridiculousness of this pretty well.

Order of the Stick Drizzt clone

Basically, I want to respect player choice in wanting to play a Drow, but want them to show some originality instead of being a copy of a particular character. How do I respect the players’ desire to play a Drow, but encourage their characters to not be Drizzt clones?

I’ve tagged this with the general dungeons-and-dragons instead of a specific edition because it is a problem I’ve seen with multiple editions, and I’m looking for reasons beyond mechanical ones.