How do I force a domain controller to sync with the PDC?

DC2 (a VM) is not syncing to DC1 (a physical server). On DC2 I get:

PS C:\> w32tm /query /source Local CMOS Clock 

What must I do so that DC2 syncs to DC1 as its time source?

Background: I had to replace DC1 and it was my operations master. There was no opportunity to gracefully demote DC1; it simply disappeared from the domain. When I successfully re-created DC1, DC2 was the operations master. AD DS replicated correctly, I transferred the fsmo roles to the new DC1 and I set DC1 to “”. DC1 returns a good stripchart. I’ve confirmed again that all the fsmo roles are set to DC1. I have confirmed the Hyper-V Integration Services for DC2 has Time Synchronization unchecked.

I’ve spent some time researching this, but so far haven’t found the w32tm sequence/command for moving DC2 off of it’s CMOS Clock. At this point I need a little help or a reminder of how to do this.