How do I get my GM to include downtime to allow crafting

In D&D 5e, most characters can craft or otherwise benefit from downtime. I love the idea and when I DM I always include time for the players to build something with all the gold they have acquired.
Unfortunately, I have found that most DMs, especially those that work from modules, refuse to let characters take a break, preferring to go from cliff hangar to cliff hangar.
My current DM is one of those.
I would love to hear some arguments, that might convince her, it is to her benefit, as well as the players, to allow for some downtime. Obviously I have already made some suggestions, but Id like more options before I turn this into a direct discussion. Worth noting, is that she is a tiny bit sexist, and dislikes taking any advice, or suggestions from men.. so I have to be a bit delicate in my communication.