How do I get the data from this binary file?

I have a file which contains the following binary data:

$  BinaryData={2,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,20,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,224,123,92,59,148,254,214,1,46,0,0,0,67,0,58,0,92,0,85,0,115,0,101,0,114,0,115,0,92,0,97,0,116,0,102,0,97,0,105,0,92,0,105,0,67,0,108,0,111,0,117,0,100,0,68,0,114,0,105,0,118,0,101,0,92,0,84,0,104,0,105,0,115,0,32,0,105,0,115,0,32,0,97,0,32,0,116,0,101,0,115,0,116,0,46,0,116,0,120,0,116,0,0,0}; 

It is interpreted according to the following picture:

enter image description here

I can look at the file data in the format shown in the picture using:

Partition[IntegerString[     $  BinaryData,     16,2 ],16,16]//Column 

Using this I pull out the relevant content as follows:

{$  FileSize,$  DateDeleted,$  FilePath}=Rest@TakeList[$  BinaryData,{8,8,8,All}]; 

Now my question is how do I get the content converted from this binary form to the appropriate form. $ FileSize is an integer representing bytes. $ DateDeleted is a number that should be convertible to date somehow and $ FilePath is a Unicode string representing file path.

I am new to parsing binary so I might be doing things wrong. Feel free to correct me.