How do I make a MoveToward() GameObject jump without Rigidbody, CharacterController or Raycast?

I have a prefab that is moving from one point to another thanks to MoveTowards().

Currently, I am having trouble with a functionality where the player can press a button and make the object jump, affecting only the Y coordinate.

I tried doing the following before putting the MoveTowards() code down:

if (isGrounded) {     if (Input.anyKeyDown)         playerInstancePositionY = jumpForce;     else         playerInstancePositionY = currentPlayerInstancePositionY; } else {     playerInstancePositionY -= gravity * Time.deltaTime; } 

I just used custom gravity to decide when the object falls. But the problem I found was that MoveTowards() takes a Start Position, an End Position and a Float in its method. But it cannot change individual coordinate values.

As the only control you have over the object is making it jump, I was wondering if there was another way to implement this since the Y value is not being inserted into the prefab before it is given the MoveTowards() function. I am trying to implement the jump mechanic without any RigidBodies, CharacterControllers or Raycasts.

Any help would be appreciated.