How do I make my Kraft gift boxes that are of very good quality?

A gift pack is not just box there are some feeling into it. If our parcel is break on the way or the box is damaged and when that box is reached on its destination. I hope it’s so embracing for us when next person receive the parcel form courier the parcel also raped but receiver don’t know how that packed condition is. Finally when parcel open and receiver look the packing Kraft box is damaged or compressed then he/she feels so nasty.
Some basics thing which helps you to brows good Packing box and these this also helps you to analyze which box is average or which the best one is.

  • Good and tuff Kraft Paper
  • The surface of paper is clean and un-scratch able
  • Bend this paper and feel it how much hard is it
  • Joints of box is okay or not

All these thing will helps you next time when you buy a box to parcel which you don’t want to compressed like before.