How do I point to a particular installation of simplesamlphp with the simplesamlphp_auth module?

I am trying to integrate our company’s SSO into our Drupal installation. As a POC to see if it even works, I have a copy of the SimpleSAMLPhp Library located at /foo/bar/simplesamlphp. I configured my apache vhost and the SAML configs and that’s all fine for now.

Per the instructions from Acquia on this page, I tried installing the drupal/simplesamlphp_auth module.

composer require drupal/simplesamlphp_auth 

This installed the module and as a dependency, installed a second copy of the simplesamlphp library in vendor/simplesamlphp. Now it looks like the module simplesamlphp_auth is using the installation in vendor.

How do I configure this module to use the one I already placed in /foo/bar/simplesamlphp? There doesn’t seem to be any options on the page /admin/config/people/simplesamlphp_auth.

I have configuration files that I would like to avoid copying over to the vendor directory after each deployment if possible, since that’s not as secure as keeping the configs outside of the project altogether.


Clarification on the configuration files: I need to define configuration files in /foo/bar/simplesamlphp/config in order for it to work. These configuration files are missing from vendor/simplesamlphp/config and without them the application encounters a fatal error. As stated in the Acquia document above, the library lives outside of vendor/ or docroot/ in their setup.