How do I pronounce numbers in game editions?

Most game systems use regular English words for their names. If you don’t know how to pronounce "dungeon" or "dragon", or any other regular word, e.g. Cambridge dictionary is of great help.

Proper nouns are a different story, but, generally, some audio or video exists for popular settings where those words are pronounced as intended by the publisher.

What I am having problems with, though, are numbers. If you want to learn how to pronounce dates, prices, etc. in English, there are thousands of websites where you can do it, and it’s studied as part of all or almost English courses at some point. However, no course that I’ve taken has yet taught me how to pronounce numbers in game editions.

In Russian, the literal translation of how we read "D&D 3.5" is "D&D three point five", and I’ve heard this wording in English, too. But things like "3.5e" or "5e" etc. are ambiguous to me. Not even this rather thorough pronunciation guide has an answer to this problem.

So, how do I pronounce numbers in game system names&versions?