How do I season a relatively new solo player?

I’ve been DMing off and on, mostly off, since AD&D, but in no way claim to be a very experienced DM. Due to schedule constraints, I’m DMing for my daughter in a solo campaign about once a month. She’s only had me as a DM. We’ve had other players join us but not on a regular basis. Admittedly not an ideal situation.

Currently, she runs two characters and there’s an NPC ally along for the ride.

How do I get her to not get stymied by what to do, and to do things that will help her in the adventure, e.g., remember to use her magic, heal when she can, ask standard questions of NPCs, don’t split the party, etc. She just needs experience in playing the game and being able to put herself in her character’s positions.

Are there any short PDFs or lists I can direct her to where she can gain some insight, or should I have NPCs continually bail her out until she gets up to speed.

Thanks for the help!

Rock Stone