How do I setup OPNsense internal certificates for Nextcloud?

Hi I have been trying to use this guide to try and

1.create a self-signed certificate chain for OPNsense so I can connect to the webgui and not get invalid cert warnings.

2.Create a chain for Nextcloud so I can access it on my internal network it can be accessed at from outside my network just fine.

I have been miserably failing on step one of the process. Have followed the guide carefully about 3 times now and am still getting invalid certificates. I have imported the downloaded certificate into my browser (Opera).

Here are attached pictures of the steps Im taking but am still met by a unsecure connection warning at the end.

Image 1 Create internal cert authority

Image 2 Create intermediate cert authority

Image 3 Both authorities created

Image 4 Create certificate part 1 of image

Image 5 Create certificate part 2 of image

Image 6 Export/Download created certificate

Image 7 Import certificate to opera browser