How do Laser Feelings work?

During our game of Lasers & Feelings we had a bit of a disagreement concerning how the special insight mechanic Laser Feelings works.

If you roll your number exactly, you have laser feelings. You get a special insight into what’s going on. Ask the GM a question and they’ll answer you honestly

You can change your action if you want to, then roll again.

Our GM took this to mean that a player gets a single question for each exact matching roll, with the matching rolls counted as fails for the original roll and re-rolls permitted only if the player changes action.

This resulted in Laser Feelings questions being very abundant (the common 2d6 roll would yield at least one over 30% of the time) and also caused more failed rolls than I expected. We started going through the rules and noticed that the rules are quite ambiguous:

  • “You can change your action if you want to, then roll again.” Does this mean I can only scrap my original roll to re-roll if I change my action? Do I re-roll only the dice matching my number, or all dice? If I change my action, does my original action (and its roll) still apply?
  • If I can’t roll again without changing my action, are my matching rolls fails, successes or should they be re-rolled?
  • Should I get two questions if I get two matching dice?