How do you convert bits into a different alphabet?

I have forgotten how to do this. How do I figure out what the requirements are for a 128-bit string using a certain alphabet?

That is to say, I want to generate a UUID (128-bit) value, using only the 10 numbers for the alphabet. How many numbers do I need, and what is the general equation so I can figure this out for any alphabet of any size?

What is the equation for any n-bit value with any x-letter alphabet?

The way I do it is to guess and slowly iterate until I arrive at a close number. For powers of 10 it’s easy:

Math.pow(2, 128) 3.402823669209385e+38 Math.pow(10, 39) 1e+39 

For other numbers, it takes a little more guessing. Would love to know the equation for this.