How do you create more mob variants with addons?

I hope this isnt off topic…

I’ve been trying to create another color, or variant as the technical term, for a minecraft axolotl. The json for the axolotl is kinda confusing, I added another variant named axolotl_test and added another texture in the folder called the same name. There was another json file in the resource pack which defines the textures for the axolotl, so, I added another name and everything like usual. Keep in mind I did also alter the weight of the color, I basically divided them 1 more time to make it equal.

After all that, I got nothing. Axolotls were. spawning normally which, wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.

So the question is, is it clear what I did wrong? If not, how might I add another variant?


ps: this is for bedrock, not java.