How do you obtain a petrified eye of newt in the Out of the Abyss campaign?

In the Dungeons & Dragons Out of the Abyss campaign, players start off with no equipment at all. How would a player obtain a petrified eye of newt logically within the game context?

Background: my friend and I are players in this campaign and he is playing a monk with the Magic Initiate feat. He took the Hex spell (from the list of Warlock spells) but it requires a material component which is a petrified eye of newt. We’re level 2 and we just escaped from the initial prison and are on our way to the nearest village/town.

So we’re wondering how he could obtain this material component. Can a live newt be petrified through magical means (basilisk, spell) and satisfy the Hex spell condition? Or is it something like finding a newt fossilized in some tree sap (Jurassic Park concept)?

No spoilers would be preferable but it’s fine if there are few other choices.