How does being pulled into a demesne mechanically work?

Demesnes, are described as the following:

As a spirit that has been linked to the mortal world, you naturally create a space within the Nevernever tied to that place or concept. The space reflects the landscape of your "mind".

Ghosts possess a major advantage in their demense, in comparison to their mortal haunt. But the question is: how do they get there, or get someone they are targeting into there to make use of that?

As shown in the description, it is tied to the mortal location but I’m not certain how mechanically the tie functions.

Is it a specific power required such as swift transition – which seems to be an automatic success, if only one per scene? Although it also seems like it would only apply to the ghost itself moving and not bringing anyone else along.

Or is it a matter of a ghost having to simply roll a skill (discipline?) – and a PC having to roll (conviction?) to resist the transition and stay out of the Nevernever? Treat it like any other combat roll?