How does Leadership work for a Vigilante?

I’m interested in playing a Vigilante character specializing in Leadership. The Vigilante class has the Dual Identity extraordinary ability, which gives them a social identity (Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, Clark Kent or Oliver Queen) and a vigilante identity (Batman, Spiderman, Superman or the Green Arrow, respectively). Amazingly, these two identities can have different (but not opposite) alignments and are often treated as entirely different people. But how would this work with Leadership?

Would a Vigilante have a single Leadership score (as implied by RAW by lack of a rule), or would the Vigilante have two separate Leadership scores (as implied thematically): one for the vigilante identity and one for the social identity?

IF the Vigilante’s identities have separate Leadership scores…:

  • …How would this depend on feats/traits that affect the Leadership score, such as certain variants of the Noble Scion feat, the Racial Ties (human) trait, and/or the Natural-Born Leader trait? Do these affect only the social identity, the Vigilante identity, or could they affect both?
  • …Could the factors influencing the Leadership score stack for characters (e.g. PCs, cohorts, followers) who know the Vigilante’s secret? In other words, if the social identity was a person of “great renown” (+2 to Leadership score) and the Vigilante had a stronghold (+2 to Leadership score), would the Vigilante have an effective Leadership score of +4 for people who knew both identities were the same person?

Obviously much of this is at my GM’s discretion, but as a GM myself, I’m curious how others would handle this.