How does the contingency spell interact with familiars in D&D3.5?

Contingency is a personal range spell which lasts until some arbitrarily-defined condition triggers it. At that point it casts another “companion” spell, “which affects your person” and ends. If you try to cast a second contingency spell while the first is still active, the first is dispelled. You must carry an expensive ivory statue of yourself to make the spell work.

Familiars have the Share Spells ability: anything a wizard casts on himself can also affect the familiar (as long as it stays inside 5 feet).

So what happens when I try to share contingency? – Does the familiar need his own tiny statue? – Does the companion spell need to be the same for both? – If the Wizard discharges his contingency, does the familiar still have a contingency active? Vice versa? – If so, what happens if the wizard casts contingency again?

I’m primarily looking for Rules-As-Written answers here. Experience with or analysis of how an interpretation works in play would also be interesting.