How does the ranger’s DPR stack up against other martial classes?

While there have been many attempts to revise the ranger, the base class offers a lot of ways for the ranger to boost their damage. Paladins can spend a 1st level spell for a 2d8 smite, but ranger’s can spend a 1st level spell for +1d6 extra damage on all weapon attacks for an hour.

I’d like to ask for a comparison of the ranger’s DPR with other martial classes, but particularly the fighter. Some parameters:

  • Characters should be assumed to have max out their attack stat (STR or DEX) as early as possible.
  • Rangers, fighters, and paladins should be assumed to have the Dueling fighting style and using a longsword or a rapier. Other martial classes should use their most effective weapon.
  • No feats.

These restrictions preclude extensive character optimization. Nonetheless, characters should be assumed to be optimizing tactically. A barbarian should be raging, a rogue should be sneak attacking, a paladin should be smiting (although that’s a very limited resource), and a fighter should be action surging when possible. So this might require some comparison of first fight of the day, last fight before a short rest, and last fight before a long rest. Importantly, the ranger should be assumed to be making use of 3rd level subclass damage boosting powers when possible (Colossus Slayer, Slayer’s Prey, etc.) and using Hunter’s Mark whenever they have a 1st level spell slot available.

Comparing DPR at key levels/tiers of play would be helpful.