How does the repair downtime action work in Scum and Villainy?

If I understand correctly, the repair downtime action on page 188 lets you spend an action and 1 cred to clear 1 damage.

However, in the “Downtime Activities in Play” section on page 194, Hayley uses her Bailing Wite ability to get a free action to repair the engines and then spends 3 credits to continue repairing other damage.

1) Does she not need to take multiple repair actions to clear multiple damages?

2) If the Bailing Wire ability allows her to clear damage with no cred cost, why does she remove the 3 cred? Does Bailing Wire make the first repair free but no others? The passage goes on to say if she did not have this ability the repairs would be much more expensive and the ship would need to do multiple on world jobs to repair the ship over time. Wouldn’t it just cost 1 credit more to repair?

I feel like I’m missing something obvious, any thoughts?