How does thin-blood alchemy interact with passive powers?

As I run Vampire the Masquerade v5 with some thin-blood players, a lot of question goes on the thin blood alchemy, even if I haven’t the situation at my table yet.

One of them is how does thin-blood alchemy distilations methods work with passive powers. I explain myself:

Anathor Corporis read that you have the power until you swap with another one. So my ghess is that if you take a passive power, you have it until you swap it.

But what about Calcinatio and Fixatio. If you take a passive power (e.g. the emulation of almost any level one discipline powers), do you have it forever?

And does the power evolve with as you upgrade Thin-blood Alchemy? Or does it stay at the level you made it, and you have to remake it to get the better version?