How export WireShark Packet List and Packet Bytes to txt file or csv file? [migrated]

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how export WireShark csv file or txt file Packet List and Packet Bytes i want txt file or csv file to export in the following way

no Time Source DesTination Protocol Length Source Info HexCode AsciiCode 1 14:41:10 SNMP 83 7c:2a:31 get-request 90 9f 33 ..3

because i need a form export file import to database

but WireShark export function only Offer this txt form or csv form

No. Time Source Destination Protocol Length Source Info 1 14:41:10.426308 SNMP 83 7c:2a:31:3b:da:17 get-request 0000 90 9f 33 f7 29 e6 7c 2a 31 3b da 17 08 00 45 00 ..3.).|*1;….E. 0010 00 45 5a 23 00 00 80 11 b6 b1 0a 0a 00 96 c0 a8 .EZ#…………

i needed Separated by tabs or commas form how can i do this export problem