How has the Holy Avenger (or Holy Sword, or similar “holy” weapons meant for paladins) changed through the editions of D&D?

A follow-up on this Q&A regarding the origins of the Holy Avenger and similar “holy” weapons in the Forgotten Realms, and in D&D more generally. As noted there, the Realms have experienced several in-narrative events created to coincide with, and explain, rules changes that came with each new edition of D&D — the (first) Sundering, the Time of Troubles, etc. Magic and magic items have often changed between editions. How have paladins’ “holy” weapons changed from edition to edition?

I am looking for lore applicable to the Realms; mechanics that have a more-than-purely-numerical impact; and especially any demonstrable relationship between former and latter. Put differently: I don’t care that an item originally provided a +2 to hit but was changed to a +3 later on. I’m looking for major differences of function that would have meaningful implications for in-game narrative.